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What is PESONet?

PESONet is a new electronic fund transfer service that enables customers of participating banks and financial institutions to send and receive funds in the Philippines.

What is the purpose of PESONet?

To conveniently pay and transfer funds from your BOF account to other bank accounts maintained in participating banks and financial institutions.

To receive funds from other participating banks and financial institutions to your BOF account.

Does BOF accept over-the-counter fund transfer for non-clients?

Yes. Non-clients may transfer funds to other Philippine accounts in participating banks.

Is there a cut-off time for a PESONet funds transfer transaction?

For same-day banking transmittal, transfer requests should be made by 12:00 NN. Transfer requests accepted after the cut-off will be processed for transmission to the receiving bank on the next banking day.

BOF shall send the funds transfer instruction to the receiving bank on or before 2:00 PM. Credit to the payee depends on the processing of the receiving bank. Payee may verify if the funds have been credited by coordinating with their bank of account.

Will there be instances for unsuccessful credit to the receiving bank?

Receiving banks may unsuccessfully process the final credit to the payee account due to the following reasons:

a. Invalid payee account number (may be incorrect, closed, dormant, blocked, frozen)
b. There is a mismatch in the name of the payee account from the name submitted
c. The currency of the payee account is not a qualified PHP account

Account information must be verified to avoid delays in the credit to the payee account.

Can I request a cancellation of a PESONet?

A transaction is final and can no longer be cancelled once the account has been debited.

How will the funds be returned to me if it was not credited to the receiving bank?

The transfer amount, net of transaction fee, will be credited back to the source account as soon as the funds are returned to BOF by the receiving bank.

How do I attempt to recover the funds transferred to the wrong payee account?

A transaction will be final and can no longer be cancelled if a valid payee account number is provided that is why it is encouraged that correct information shall be obtained from the payee.


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